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Raemann is a curious creature with two heads and only one eye, the photographic eye. The duo is based in New York City, one of the world’s urban art capitals. They do street and urban art but I think they have a unique ability and flair for this kind of art in comparison with the growing number of artists on the scene: as a matter of fact, while more and more street artists are focusing on the appearance, on creating “large wall murals” vaguely spreading the message of political rebellion, these two artists provide a very clear analysis of the environmental degradation truthfully describing the condition of our planet, invaded by plastic and threatened by water privatization, and without using colors. They use walls too, but with an additional ingredient: reality. Looking at their photos hanging here and there is like having a look into the near future beyond time and space. They do not create art to be printed on T-shirts, as the others do.
For this show they will be collaborating with the fellow New York based street artist Nora Breen who is widely known for her happy video drums.