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Max Pask & Pixelife

Moon Rock Five

Over the last ten years, Brooklyn based label Throne of Blood has secured a preferred spot in the hearts of discerning club DJ’s and dance music fans around the World. Four years ago, its co-founder James Friedman embarked on a new adventure with a series of ambient compilations called “Moon Rock”, where dance music producers could explore new horizons, outside of the familiar, beat driven club music.

In 2017, the Moon Rock story ends with its fourth and last volume, to be released via Throne of Blood on March 31st.  On March 12th in conjunction with this release, Throne of Blood artists Max Pask and Pixelife will celebrate with “Moon Rock Five”, a one time live performance on analog synthesizers of a piece of music written specifically for the occasion.

Drawing inspiration from 1970’s German electronics and kraut rock, “Moon Rock Five” will be performed on vintage modular synthesizers from the same era, paired with modern digital controllers. This one time performance will last for 25 to 30 minutes, not dissimilar to a single side of a long playing ambient record.

Max pask will be performing at Sanctuary on sunday march 12th at 8pm.